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About Us

With over 15 years of experience specializing in Alumawood structures, we have successfully built our business based on total customer satisfaction and design excellence. We provide a tailor-made service for home owners and the private sector. When you choose to work with the Aluma Patio you can rest assure that you picked the most professional team of patio builders in California.

Why Choose Alumawood™?

Alumawood™ is a unique structure that combines the beauty and strength
of wood with the durability and low maintenance of aluminum.

Casually-Elegant Design

Beautifully-embossed HD wood grain texture, which delivers the captivating appearance of wood with the power of aluminum.

Teflon® Surface Protector

Superior performance cover paint system providing a much cooler setting, with an advanced coating compound that reduces heat significantly, and reflects U.V rays with a unique ceramic pigmentation.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our patio components retain their original color, gloss, texture and structural integrity longer and better than any other patio product on the market. With no repainting, cracking, warping or harboring of insects.

Our Products

Custom design and configuration

We can build beautiful structures on any surface whether flat, gabled or curved. From the smallest areas covering an outdoor kitchen to a spa, to the largest areas, creating a new indoor-outdoor lifestyle.


The Alumawood patios and Sunrooms can be incorporated into a large range of structures. It can either be freestanding or part of an existing structure, fitting and complementing any home and backyard seamlessly.

Alumawood™ Colors

Endless choice of Styles

Aluma Patio offers a large variety of Roman Columns, End-Cut finish design and custom made insulated roofs including lattice and solid.

Roman Columns Finish Design Options Round or Square

End Cap Finish Design Options

Recent Projects

We provide full professional service for all your patio needs including consultation,
free estimate, design, supply of materials, and installation.

Q & As

People often ask us

Q: How do I maintain the beauty of the structure?

A: No repainting needed! The Aluma Patio components retain their original color, gloss, texture and structural integrity longer and better than any other patio product on the market. This means: no repainting, cracking, warping or insects. Maintaining the Alumawood patio is as simple as washing the structure with a hose.

Q: Does Aluma Patio carry insurance?

A: Yes. Aluma Patio is licensed, bonded and fully insured company.

Q: Can I build an Alumawood structure with lighting and an electricity outlet?

A: Yes. We help you plan the structure top to bottom according to your needs with electricity, shading solutions and the aesthetics that works for you.

Q: Do I need a permit from the city to build an Alumawood patio?

A: You may need a permit to create an additional Alumawood patio structure on your property; however, we can obtain the permit from the city on your behalf. (Prices for permits may vary according to the city)

Q: How long does it take to install Alumawood patio or a Sunroom?

A: The installation of an Alumawood structure can take up to 72 hours or less!

Q: Is Alumawood installation more expensive then a wooden patio?

A: No. Alumawood is more cost efficient then a wood structure and it does not need any expensive maintenance like wood requires.